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Bunnies and Kitties

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Aren’t rabbits whimsical?

You know, with their little flocculent cotton tails and all that.

They just caper around, looking for carrots and other homogenous vegetables, in their ideosyncratic, non-offensive and politically correct modus.

Ahhh, a sweet little bunny.

There aren’t many things more ambrosial than a bunny.

Except a shit load of kittens, all curled up together into a prodigious soporific ball.

Ahhh, I can discern them now, silly little kitties.

How about a kitty and a bunny together. The ultimate in cuteness; the pinnacle. Everest

Until the kitten inevitably attacks and violently murders the bunny, staining my carpet. Then I have to hire one of those carpet cleaners they seem to have recently installed into my local Tesco.

What a mess. What a big bloody mess. I’ll never get the stain out.

But I guess that’s just natures way. The natural order.

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