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Political Beliefs

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Somebody asked me about my political beliefs.

They said ‘Are you a Socialist?’

I said ‘No. I really just don’t like people enough’

They said ‘Are you a Marxist?’

I said ‘No. I prefer BHS’

They said ‘Are you a capitalist’

I said ‘No. I just don’t think you can get to know a country without visiting some of the smaller towns and cities’

They said ‘Are you a nationalist’

I said ‘No. I prefer the Gold Cup’

They said ‘Are you an imperialist’

I said ‘No. I prefer Dove’

They said ‘Are you a theocrat’

I said ‘No. I prefer Deborah Meaden’

They said ‘Are you a Labour voter’

I said ‘Piss off’


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