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I am telling you that an albatross just swooped down and stole my sausage.

And it wasn’t just any sausage. It was a jumbo saveloy.

I’d just put the packet down on the seat next to me so I could have a swig of me beer and it swooped down and grabbed it in its beak and flew off.

I was about to dunk it in my curry sauce, and then the little beggar stole it

What do you expect us to do about it sir?

I expect you to send someone out and get my sausage back before he eats it all.

I have sausage and chips once every week. All I can afford.

You are telling me that after all the money I’ve paid into the system over the years, that you can’t do anything about my sausage.

We’re the RNLI, sir.

We can’t exactly just send a boat out with a crew to rescue your sausage from an albatross sitting halfway up a cliff.

You are wasting our time and your own. Somebody with a real emergency could be trying to get through.

This is a real emergency.

He’s stolen my bloody sausage.


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  1. Most amusing!

  2. […] https://feeblemusings.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/albatross/ 09 April 2012 3:14am – Images « Albatross crew member with a wandering albatross diomedea exulans dabbenema » […]

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