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Talking Bins

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Black bin = general waste bin (plastic, etc.)
Green bin = green waste recyling bin (vegetable peelings, etc.)


Green bin: ‘I am getting sick of this now. They’re always feeding you. I get hardly anything’

Black bin: ‘What can I say mate. They just can’t resist me’

Green bin: ‘But you hardly like vegetables’

Black bin: ‘Well. You know what my appetite is like. I’ll never say no to a bit more’

Green bin: ‘All I ever get is grass cuttings. I hate grass cuttings, and I don’t even get any of them this time of year’

Black bin: ‘You’d be glad of grass if you were a cow’

Green bin: ‘Do I look like I have four stomachs?’

Black bin: ‘Cheer up mate’

Green bin: ‘Cheer up. CHEER UP! What have I got to be cheery about?’

Black bin: ‘Well it could be worse’

Green bin: ‘How could it be worse?’

Black bin: ‘Well – you heard about the green guy down the road who got burnt out on Wednesday night’

Green bin: ‘That was truly awful. I heard they had to put him out of his misery’

Black bin. ‘Yeah, there was no saving him after that, but you haven’t heard the worst of it. His owner cut him up into tiny pieces, and fed him to their black bin’

Green bin: ‘They forced the black bin to eat his best mate. Disgusting. Where’s the humanity’

Black bin: ‘He’s struggling to cope with it. He’s become hollow inside’

Green bin: ‘So he’s been emptied now then?’

Black bin: ‘I meant figuratively speaking. You know that we’re not getting emptied until Tuesday’


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  1. My bin doesn’t have a mate. In my country we force bins to remain single. It’s very sad….


    January 16, 2011 at 10:37 pm

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