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Dear Dizzee

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Dear Dizzee,

In order for you to understand the intentions of this correspondence, I have attempted to write it in language that you may understand.

I am writing dis letta to invite you and your crew to a meeting of the Risby WI. We’ll be holding it at our crib, the Risby Village Hall, on Thursday 7 April and me and me bredren would be buzzin’ if you could make it.

We are a fine group of bitches, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy hangin’ wid us.

The topic of discussion for April will be the “Rise of Grime as an Anthem for Today’s Underprivileged Teenagers”. Your rise to success over recent years with tunes such as “Holiday” and “Bonkers” is like proper mental.

We will be expecting to hear some Grime blud.

Should you wish, we can turn up in bikinis and dance like dutty skanks, which you may film and use in an upcoming video.


I look forward to your response.

Yours longingly,

Jane Burrows