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Another Rubbish Film Review – Because That’s What Blogging Is All About

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 The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

So it’s like this film about a couple of dudes, one white dude (the guy who used to go out with that bird from Thelma and Louise – not the hot one) and a black dude (who was in Se7en with that bloke who used to be married to the one from friends that was a waitress and had a nose job).

The film is based on a book by that guy who was once a great writer but should have stopped writing years ago.

The white dude gets himself into a big heap of crap when he kills his wife. It’s pretty obvious that he actually did do it, despite what the film says.

So he gets sent to jail (pretty lucky he didn’t get sentenced to death), and meets the black dude.

They become friends, and there is about an hour and a half of the film where there is a load of hijinks and melodrama, and then the white dude escapes through a secret tunnel that he has dug with a spoon (or something else). The tunnel is hidden behind a big poster.

The white dude swims through a load of poo and ends up in Mexico (or somewhere else).

The boss of the prison is well surprised when he finds out the white dude has gone.

The black dude eventually gets out of prison too, but in a non-illegal manner, and the white dude has told him where to find some money.

He gets the money and also some instructions on where to find the white dude.

The black dude finds the white dude, who has a boat.

They live happily ever after. I have assumed this. The black dude may have died a few weeks after the end of the film, as he was pretty old, perhaps from some sort of tropical disease.

Review summary. This film was proper good. 11 stars.